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Honu's Services

Administrative, Operational, & Financial

Provides resources that help analyze, identify, and improve efficiencies while reducing costs that often affect an organizations ability to grow and operate effectively.


Provides credentialing services with certified professionals that have worked on government and large institutional contracts.  Honu's team helps reduce errors and high costs often associated with maintaining and obtaining appropriate licensure, certification, and other qualifications.


Provides reviews of managed care contracts to determine where opportunities exist by working with payors and plan sponsors to identify areas that will improve patient care coordination with value-based metrics, while reducing costs to the healthcare system.

Information Technology

Provides integrated solutions that improves patient engagement and documentation while reducing burden and eliminating redundancies often placed on staff and healthcare facilities when developing and implementing a coordinated care plan.

Strategic Planning Services

Provides SWOT analysis to help identify essential goals and actionable steps that help patients achieve quality care through value-based initiatives.

Revenue Cycle Mgmt

Honu's team of ERISA specialists helps healthcare facilities, patients, and plan sponsors identify the most cost-effective treatment plans that will reduce out-of-pocket costs, reduce denials, and reduce time spent on prior authorizations.

GPO Services

Provides group purchasing services that allow single, independent facilities and providers to reduce their acquisition costs for med-surg spend, merchant services, and capital equipment.


Provides essential temporary or permanent staffing and payroll services.

Why Choose an MSO?

Many providers and healthcare facilities have found that the adoption of a third party's compliance standards and procedures, as appropriate, has many benefits and the result is a consistent set of standards and procedures as well as access to care for a community of providers, facilities, and patients through one entity that is able to monitor and refine the process as needed to improve care coordination while reducing costs and redundancies often associated with value-based care.

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