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Strategic Planning Services

Prior to engaging into a services contract, Honu provides free clinic assessments that identify essential goals, actionable steps and reviews of any hurdles that a client may be facing. Each assessment is provided at no cost and helps the prospective client and Honu identify areas where Honu may be able to be of service. During each assessment, Honu sends a qualified team to evaluate:

  • Facility needs

  • Licensing requirements

  • Contracting requirements

  • Credentialing costs and requirements

  • Staffing requirements

  • Capital equipment needs to establish services

  • Cost containment initiatives to reduce project costs

  • Revenue cycle management needs – establishing independent fair market fee schedules

  • IT needs and services that may be required for each project, such as HIPAA compliant services, emails, EMR’s and patient communication resources

  • Documentation Needs – during each assessment, Honu provides independent chart reviews to identify if providers and facilities are properly following local and national coverage determination guidelines that often regulated how policies are managed by payers.

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